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Chili and garlic bread

Chili and garlic breadA nice bread that perhaps is more suitable for a picnic sandwich then it is for breakfast.

The chili and garlic gives it a nice flavor.

I made one big bread 🙂 but you can of course make smaller, recipe is suitable for making 4 breads in portion size sort of…

This is what you need:
10 grams of yeast
1 teaspoon salt
3 deciliters of water, around 37 degree celsius
1-3 clefts of garlic, depending on how much you like garlic, with one cleft you only get a vague flavor.
1-2 red chili peppers, it does not get “hot” if you use two, just more flavored.
wheat flour (didn’t measure this part, add in until dough feels right)
1 tablespoon olive oil + a little for finishing touch Read the rest of this entry »

Lentil Soup

As I did say here comes the recipe for a lentil soup. Serves 3.

1 deciliter dry green lentils, soak as instructed on package (mine was soak 3 hrs in twice the amount water)
2 tomatoes
1 liter stock, homemade or from stock cube
1 big carrot or two small
1 piece of celeriac (about 0.5 deciliters when cut in small bits

Cut the tomatoes roughly, they are going to be well cooked anyways.
Cutting carrots and celeriac into pieces, size and shape as you see fit, I made sticks.
Put tomatoes and lentils in a casserole, and pour in the stock. Boil for 15 minutes.
Now add in the carrot and celeriac, simmer for another 15 minutes.

Taste and if needed add more salt.

Simple Stock

Making your own stock is easy.

had a couple lamb bones in my freezer since we bought half a lamb a while back, and now I decided to make stock from them. There’s not much meat on, but there’s some (at least on mine it was a rather small amount).

You need:
lamb bones (mine were just under 1 kilo together)
vegetables for flavor (I used, onion, carrots and celeriac)
Spices (salt, few turn on the black pepper mill, some whole green peppers, 3 average garlic cloves, and a bit of fresh red chili)
Water so the bones are covered
Butter Read the rest of this entry »


…I just realized the blog theme looks crap in Internet Explorer 7 🙁 I guess I better try and get that sorted. Just need to figure out how 😀 Anyways that will be sometime after Christmas holidays are over.

Speaking of Christmas, is it normal to be stressed out with all that need to be sorted? Above all we’re in the midst of some renovation, that should have been done by now. A couple minor setbacks got us delayed a bit though. No matter if I get done or not, Christmas eve is on Monday. And here in Sweden where I live Christmas eve is the “big” day for celebrations. We’re getting some folks over for a late Christmas lunch (or early dinner if you look at it that way).

Did a bit  of the food preparations today. I’ve cooked red cabbage, pickled the Atlantic Herring (it was half way done sort of, I got it canned ready to flavor). If you wanna do it from the beginning you need to get a hold of salted herring. They say it’ll taste better, but it takes more work and longer time to be ready to serve.

The red cabbage is usually prepared by my grandmother, this is the first year I do it on my own. I hope it’ll taste good when it’s time to eat it. It’s a dish ment to serve cold, I did try it while still warm and that was ok. According to my grandmother warm cabbage has a different taste compared to cold though, so we’ll see laters how the final result turns out.

For tomorrow I got plans on cooking the ham, sorts itself pretty much in the owen for a couple hours. Also I’ll make meatballs, that’ll be a bit more timeconsuming. After that the food preparations I’m supposed to do is done 😀

Of course I’m gonna decorate my christmas tree tomorrow as I traditionally do the day before Christmas eve 😀 I know a lot of the people do it earlier, but for me it has always been that way.

I think I’m ready for Christmas celebrations this year as well… Strangely enough things always seem to come together in the end 😀


….to my new and improved blog

I will be adding my recipes from the old blog as well as hopefully some new ones in a near future. I will make no promise of when though, considering there’s Christmas in a week it could take a little while to get it all sorted.

Hope you will find some of my recipes of interest. As well as have some use for the tips on wines I will post. There’s a couple of them that’s gonna be transfered. Now I guess not all wines will be available to all countries, but I hope some will be available in your end.