Archive for February 24th, 2008

Hot meat stew

You don’t get a nice picture of this dish, as I can’t find the camera 🙁 It is possible my boyfriend has got it with him for some reason though. If that is the case a picture could possibly come along later. I doubt there will be any left overs to display nicely on a plate at another point, so if the camera don’t show up before we get to the table you’ll have to use your imagination 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

Finally back on track

As you might have noticed there’s been a bit of problems with the site lately. Everything should be sorted now 🙂 So now I just need to whip up something in the kitchen so I get something new to write about. I’ve got a plan to put a stew on the stove in just a few seconds, will try and document the how so I can let you all know (if it turns out good that is)

I also want to give credits to the crew at my hosting company, for being so helpful and putting up with my constant issues this week. I’d recommend them any day 🙂

I’m using one of their free plans, they don’t even require ads on this one, most free hosts have forced ads unfortunately. They do have ad-enhanced offers where you get a little more if want to put up ads on your site (text ad for the smaller plan and banner for the bigger plan). For those who wants a bit more support they also have paid plans. You can read more about the different hosting plans on their site: