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Short update

The short update is that I got a job now 🙂 Was supposed to start last Monday, but as I was down with fever then I didn’t really start until last Wednesday. Feels good to be working, it is a physical job, with a bit lifting, pushing and moving around stuff. I am a bit muscle sour by now after three days 🙂

It’s a warehouse sort of that I work in, bit hard to explain exactly what we handle, as English isn’t my first language. But I’ll try.

Firstly I can say that the work is done as a service to one of the major grocery store chains here. And each day they get food delivered in various ways, some are on loading pallets, other in wheeled carts. And when the stores has emptied the pallets or carts they are returned with the next delivery truck, and this is where we come in. We take these empty pallets, carts and other reusable packing systems, sort them and ship them back to the grocery chains central warehouse. There’s a lot of goods to sort 🙂 And mostly done manually. There’s especially one type that needs to be done manually, gray boxes in 5 sizes needs to be sorted (the meat packages and some vegetables are shipped in these boxes) and we put them on pallets, with a specific number in height and width on each pallet.

One unfortunate consequence of this is I will probably have even less time and inspiration for recipe creating. As it looks now I will mainly do the evening shift (2pm – 10 pm). When I get home I usually am a bit tired and just want to have something quick to eat, but who knows you might get to see a lot small dishes that are perfect for after a hard days work.