Simple appledessert

Might not be something to serve at a big dinner party, but will surely suit for the more intimate family dinner, or when you just feel a need for a nice treat after a long day.

Best served with some good vanilla ice cream, but vanilla sauce could do, as well as vanilla flavored yogurt (the later was what the TV chef used when I learnt about the recipe).

It’s done in a matter of minutes, and you only need four ingredients: apple, butter, sugar and cinnamon.

Take one apple per person, cut it in small pieces. Heat up a frying pan, and put a little butter in. When the butter is melted throw in the apple. Season with cinnamon and sugar, roughly one tablespoon of sugar and about a half tablespoon cinnamon per apple.

Fry this on medium to warm heat until the sugar becomes a bit caramelized. A frying pan with so called non-stick coating is best, easier cleaning 🙂

Serve while warm.

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