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Chili and garlic bread

Chili and garlic breadA nice bread that perhaps is more suitable for a picnic sandwich then it is for breakfast.

The chili and garlic gives it a nice flavor.

I made one big bread 🙂 but you can of course make smaller, recipe is suitable for making 4 breads in portion size sort of…

This is what you need:
10 grams of yeast
1 teaspoon salt
3 deciliters of water, around 37 degree celsius
1-3 clefts of garlic, depending on how much you like garlic, with one cleft you only get a vague flavor.
1-2 red chili peppers, it does not get “hot” if you use two, just more flavored.
wheat flour (didn’t measure this part, add in until dough feels right)
1 tablespoon olive oil + a little for finishing touch Read the rest of this entry »