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Kalops – A swedish meat stew

Kalops is actually a rather old traditional meat stew for Sweden. Local variations may occur of course as with all traditional food. 🙂

I started writing this post a few days ago, but never got around to finishing up until now 🙂 I tried a shortcut on my beef stew, saving a little time. Worked just as good as if I had done all steps that are in the original recipe, the sauce ended up a bit lighter in color then it would have other wise though.

I skipped the browning of my meat, putting everything in the pot and putting the lid on from start 🙂 The actual cooking time will still be the same, but the time I need to give it attention is shortened, not by much, but enough to give me time to write here 🙂 Seriously the reason for doing it was I needed to put a dough on as well, to get some bread for breakfast.

The meat I got this time was veal, but normally you’d use beef 🙂 The meat traditionally used is from the front end and especially suitable for cooking in stews. I could not find out the English word or equivalent for it. Does require a bit of boiling time, but has a nice taste to it. Read the rest of this entry »