This is gonna be a blog mainly about food and drinks. This meaning I will post some of the recipes I discover/invent that are worth sharing. If the recipe is someone else’s I promise to tell where I got it from. And hopefully I will not break any copyright laws while doing so, but I think that as long as I don’t claim it to my recipe I should be ok.

There’s probably be the eventual posts not related to food or drinks as well 🙂 After all it is my personal blog. I just chose to give it a topic since I doubt that anyone will be interested in reading only about my life 🙂

The topic Wine and Dine was a category at my old blog, and one that I found my self writing mostly in, that’s the reason for me choosing Wine and Dine as name.

Another category I posted fairly much in was called Seen, Heard and Read. That category has also its own blog now, that I co-run with a friend of mine. You can read that one here: Seen, Heard and Read