I finally got to taste this one, it’s actually the fourth bottle I bought…

The first one we ended up giving away to my boyfriends sister as a small housewarming gift when she moved a couple months back. Oh well, I went of and bought a new one, thinking I’d get a chance this time. I wasn’t planning on wine at that time, more that it would be nice to have home in case an occasion would come up.

But guess what I didn’t get it that time either. My mother in law to be missed going to the liqueur store for new years eve, so we did lend her the wine, as I wasn’t gonna be drinking on new years anyway. I got it back just a couple days after.

Here came the next occasion to give it away. We were invited to one of my boyfriends work colleagues and his girlfriend on a rather short notice, and it is always a nice gesture to bring a gift to the hostess. Now it was not a fancy dinner party or anything, but it was a Saturday evening, and the occasion was a social gathering with some drinking involved, but not for me as I was driving so it was a rather easy decision to give the wine away.

Anyways, it was sort of an anticlimax to finally get to taste it, after all the trouble and turns, what if it wasn’t gonna be good? Luckily I didn’t need to worry 🙂

The wine is very nice and light, suits well as a wine to drink amongst friends. It has a fresh taste. It is very suitable for the social occasion of just hanging out and sharing some wine while talking.

The experts says to serve it at 8 degrees Celsius. I don’t know what temp it had when I drank it though, but it was chilled, I had it standing in the fridge.

If you wanna have it with food I’d recommend a nice fish dish, that isn’t to strong in its own taste. Too spicy food will probably make the wine feel very pale.

The wine is a mixture of twp grapes, it is 80% verdicchio och 20% chardonnay. It is produced by Moncaro. Can’t recall having tried their wines before, but then on the other hand I don’t always check for producer 🙂

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