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Fresh squash (soon at least)

My boyfriend came asking me today if I had looked around the garage lately, he said there was something for me there.

I hadn’t, so we went looking, and there they were, small yellow squash 😀 Another few weeks and they should be ready for harvest I think.

I’ll post a picture when I get one taken, I’m currently at work.

Strawberries and milk (or cream)

…is a great little snack in between the meals, well with the cream option it might not be that great for your figure though 🙂

Anyway I’m mainly just happy that my garden holds strawberries, among other things, for me to go pick as they ripe 🙂 I picked me a handful of them red berries to eat with a small amount raw sugar and milk today while thinking about what to cook for dinner (haven’t gotten any wiser about dinner though).