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Minced meat sauce with red lenses

This is not really gonna be a full recipe, as it can be applied to your favorite minced meat sauce. Or you can use lenses as a substitute for beans in a chili con carne 🙂

I started up by frying the minced meat with union and spices (chili (both fresh and powdered), garlic, paprika powder, salt and pepper. Added a few tablespoons of tomato puree (should have taken crushed tomatoes from can if I had any, but I couldn’t find any in my cupboard).

Then added about half a liter of water and 2 deciliter of red lenses (green should work, but red blends in better color wise). Let it all simmer until lenses are ready and becomes a little mushy. If needed add more water to get the right sauciness. The lenses will absorb the water and when they become mushy they act as a thickener for the sauce, as well as adding a nice richness.

All approximations of measure are based on around 1 kilogram of minced red meat.

Serve with rice.