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Fresh squash (soon at least)

My boyfriend came asking me today if I had looked around the garage lately, he said there was something for me there.

I hadn’t, so we went looking, and there they were, small yellow squash 😀 Another few weeks and they should be ready for harvest I think.

I’ll post a picture when I get one taken, I’m currently at work.

Strawberries and milk (or cream)

…is a great little snack in between the meals, well with the cream option it might not be that great for your figure though 🙂

Anyway I’m mainly just happy that my garden holds strawberries, among other things, for me to go pick as they ripe 🙂 I picked me a handful of them red berries to eat with a small amount raw sugar and milk today while thinking about what to cook for dinner (haven’t gotten any wiser about dinner though).


Me and my boyfriend spent a week at Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. Or at least the hotel was in that area, we spent most of the time in the old Nesebar.

We booked the trip as an unspecified trip, meaning we didn’t know where we’d be staying until we arrived in Bourgas, all we knew was that it would be somewhere along the Bourgas Cost. Neither of us really wanted to end up in Sunny Beach, mainly because we’re not party animals 🙂 For a party animal Sunny Beach is a perfect choice though. Granted the beach itself was great, and we did spend some time there, swimming in the Black Sea 😀

As this is a blog about food and wine, I won’t talk so much about the trip, in terms of what we did, but more about the food and wine in Bulgaria. Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Stock

Making your own stock is easy.

had a couple lamb bones in my freezer since we bought half a lamb a while back, and now I decided to make stock from them. There’s not much meat on, but there’s some (at least on mine it was a rather small amount).

You need:
lamb bones (mine were just under 1 kilo together)
vegetables for flavor (I used, onion, carrots and celeriac)
Spices (salt, few turn on the black pepper mill, some whole green peppers, 3 average garlic cloves, and a bit of fresh red chili)
Water so the bones are covered
Butter Read the rest of this entry »