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First of all I think I need to try and explain what tjälknul is.

It’s a dish traditional to  northern Sweden. Tjälknul is normally made with meat from elk (roast), but a roast from beef cattle can be used, which is what I had this time, you’d use the same part as you’d use to cook a roast beef. Tjälknul is actually rather similar to roast beef. It’s to be eaten cold, cut in thin slices.

This dish takes it’s time to get done, so it is highly recommended to do it as an overnight cooking. But I promise you all, it’s worth it, and it is really easy to do as it requires virtually no work effort at all. Tjälknul get it’s flavoring from a spiced brine in which it is placed when cooked. Read the rest of this entry »

Kalops – A swedish meat stew

Kalops is actually a rather old traditional meat stew for Sweden. Local variations may occur of course as with all traditional food. 🙂

I started writing this post a few days ago, but never got around to finishing up until now 🙂 I tried a shortcut on my beef stew, saving a little time. Worked just as good as if I had done all steps that are in the original recipe, the sauce ended up a bit lighter in color then it would have other wise though.

I skipped the browning of my meat, putting everything in the pot and putting the lid on from start 🙂 The actual cooking time will still be the same, but the time I need to give it attention is shortened, not by much, but enough to give me time to write here 🙂 Seriously the reason for doing it was I needed to put a dough on as well, to get some bread for breakfast.

The meat I got this time was veal, but normally you’d use beef 🙂 The meat traditionally used is from the front end and especially suitable for cooking in stews. I could not find out the English word or equivalent for it. Does require a bit of boiling time, but has a nice taste to it. Read the rest of this entry »

Pasta sauce with beef

Pasta with beef

Pasta with beef

This is this weeks second recipe involving squash 🙂

Not as spicy as yesterdays dish, but still very nice and simple. This dish also is pretty fast doing, you make the sauce in the same time as pasta boils.

Today my choice of pasta was tagliatelle, but of course it works well with other pasta variations as well. Read the rest of this entry »