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Pasta sauce with tomato, aubergine and ham

When my boyfriend came home from work he declared he wanted spaghetti in the lunch box for tomorrow. So I gave it a good thought and asked my self what to cook to go with the spaghetti. Since we had meatloaf yesterday a bolognese didn’t seem right, and I was not really up for some cheese flavoured sauce.

Pasta sauce

Pasta sauce

I started out by going to the grocery store since I was out of onions and milk was running low in out fridge, said to myself that maybe I’d get an idea then.
I know planning the meals a bit ahead is a good thing, but I tend to make the decision around the time I get hungry 🙂

Anyways I figured it out and came back home with onion, mushrooms, crushed tomatoes and an aubergine. The rest I had at home already.

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I finally got to taste this one, it’s actually the fourth bottle I bought…

The first one we ended up giving away to my boyfriends sister as a small housewarming gift when she moved a couple months back. Oh well, I went of and bought a new one, thinking I’d get a chance this time. I wasn’t planning on wine at that time, more that it would be nice to have home in case an occasion would come up.

But guess what I didn’t get it that time either. My mother in law to be missed going to the liqueur store for new years eve, so we did lend her the wine, as I wasn’t gonna be drinking on new years anyway. I got it back just a couple days after. Read the rest of this entry »

Pasta sauce with beef

Pasta with beef

Pasta with beef

This is this weeks second recipe involving squash 🙂

Not as spicy as yesterdays dish, but still very nice and simple. This dish also is pretty fast doing, you make the sauce in the same time as pasta boils.

Today my choice of pasta was tagliatelle, but of course it works well with other pasta variations as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Squash and pasta makes nice :)

This week I’ve been doing a couple things with squash and pasta. Squash is a very nice vegetable, wonder why I use it so little? I’ve made myself a promise to try and grow me some squash next year in my kitchen garden. How that will work is yet to be experienced.

Yesterday I made a simple rather hot pasta dish made up of thick bacon, squash, paprika and pasta (penne). I never got around to taking a picture of that one, but I’ll tell you the recipe anyways. Read the rest of this entry »

Cauliflower soup

cauliflower Soup

cauliflower Soup

Was watching TV, Jamie Oliver’s cooking to be specific, when I got the idea for this soup.

I wanted to step away from the noodle soup we mostly do when we decide on a soup for evening meal.

It did turn out really nice. 🙂

This recipe serves 4
You need:

about 500 grams of culiflower. I had frozen, but I guess fresh would be better, just takes longer to cook then.
water, about 1 liter.
vegetable stock from cube or powder. I have powder and used 2 teaspoons, I think that is about half a cube.
1-2 cloves of garlic
Salt and pepper.
1.5 deciliter of low fat cream (or real cream if you prefer)
A dash of cayenne pepper.
0.5-1 deciliter of chopped parsley. Read the rest of this entry »